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What does it do?

Ks_sitemgr gives you the possibility to let customers manage their own users, without being admin. This is possible, because users can get the right to manage an other group, which means, they can manage all members of the group.

The extension uses TCA-Forms to make looking like the rest of the TYPO3 Backend.



Current Features:

  1. Admins can create new User, Page Tree, Template, Folder, etc. for a new Customer with one Click

  2. Customermanager can edit their users

  3. Help, FAQ of and some other Pages is linked in the frame

Planned Features:

  1. edit the screen.css file in the customermanagers layout directory with a wiziard, so that user may change the used colors easily

  2. let customermanager add new users an let them choose, what rights the users will have …

  3. Translation handling through TYPO3 Core

  4. Translation to english, currently all the Text is in german (except the TCA-Forms)


  1. be_acl

  2. realurl (configuration example will be added to this manual soon)

  3. only tested with templaviola, should work with other template engines too

  4. a default layout

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